Without a doubt, one of the most commonly played casino games across the world is European Roulette and the reason for this is that anyone can play, as it is a game of chance which in turn, means that there is no requirement for skill or strategy to be used or relied upon.
This free Paddy Power roulette game is where you can hone your skills and test your strategies before committing real money. When you think you want to play for real money, sign up with Paddy Power which provided this free roulette game developed by Playtech.

Below you can read instructions on how to play online roulette. To play it, you have Paddy's version above or you can visit and try their in-house built game. If you are asking yourself which is the best one, we are recommending Paddy Power. On the other side, for the roulette learning purposes, perhaps it will be helpful to check the link below because simpler layout may be a better option for the beginners.

If you don't know the rules in the next part you will learn how to play.
The roulette table has two parts, the wheel and the layout. On the wheel there are 36 numbers, their placing is fixed and is the same on each version. Every red number is followed by a black one, and the lower numbers are followed by higher ones. On the inside field, these numbers placings are arithmetical.
On the inside field you can bet on numbers from 0 till 36. The European wheel also contain one zero while American wheel has two zeroes, both coloured in green. On the outside field you can bet on the first, second, or third dozen of the numbers, on the first, second, or third row, on the first or the second 18 numbers. On top of that, you can bet on even and odd numbers, or on black and red.
The players choose their bet sizes and place their bets on the layout. They have a limited time for placing bets. The time is showed by a counter. After that time, there is no more betting. Then the ball is tossed into the wheel. When the ball comes to a rest in one of the slots, the bets are settled. Then the croupier clears all the losing bets and pays the winners. Then the game starts over. In online casinos you can usually repeat your bets by clicking on the previous round button.

Tipical payouts:
  1. One number - Straight Up 1:35
  2. Two numbers - Split 1:17
  3. Three numbers - Street 1:11
  4. Four numbers - Corner 1:8
  5. a
  6. Six numbers - Six Line 1:5
  7. Twelve numbers - Dozen and Columns 1:2
  8. Simple odds - Even Chances 1:1 (Red / Black, Even / Odd, Small numbers (1-18) / Large numbers (19-36)

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