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MMA is amongst most popular sports to bet on and our list of UFC betting sites brings you the best ones in 2023.

Their rating depends on how they cover MMA betting markets, but there are more factors in the game such as live streaming of fights from the octagon. Of course, mixed martial arts is now offered by the majority of gambling sites and that means a much better odds then it was the case in the past.

Please note that not every MMA betting site provide streaming service and to be honest players from the USA are the unlucky ones. On the other side, customers that bet from the UK can choose between several sites that support watching fights and online betting from the sportsbook account.

Best MMA Bookmakers In United States 2023

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How do betting odds work in MMA?

The placing of bets and odds are fairly simple to understand but consistently picking winners can be a challenge. Here is an explanation of odds you may see for an upcoming event as well as an explanation of exactly what they mean. This is followed by a few strategy ideas to help you pick winning MMA and UFC fighters.

Here are two examples to help you see how odds works:

Fighter A -235
Fighter B +175

Fighter C -280
Fighter D +220

Any time a fighter has a minus sign in front of a number he is favoured to win.

With a minus sign, you have to bet the number following the minus sign to win 100. So in match one, you would need to bet 235 to win 100 on fighter A and in the second match, you need to bet 280 to win 100 on fighter C.

The fighter with the plus sign is the underdog and you have to bet 100 to win the amount after the plus sign on the underdog. So in match 1, you would bet 100 to win 175 on fighter B and in match 2 you would bet 100 to win 220 on fighter D.

There are many things that the UFC gambling websites consider when setting a line on a UFC or other MMA fight. The main things are the past results for both fighters and any injury details they may have. The good news is that the odds are far from perfect so you can often find profitable lines if you know what you are doing. Maybe the things will be even clearer when the fight starts so placing a live bet can be easier. The next section will help you find the correct information so you can see when a line offers an edge.

MMA Betting Strategy


To develop a winning strategy in picking UFC and MMA matches you have to become a student of the sport. There are so many things that can change the outcome of a match including injuries, luck, how long it has been since a contestant's last fight, emotional issues, personal issues and legal issues.

While it may seem like an invasion of privacy to track personal details about fighters, that is the kind of things that can give you a real edge when deciding who to bet on.

You may have noticed that luck was included in the list above. Professional sports bettors don't like to consider luck because they develop systems based on facts and statistics in order to win, but there is always a luck factor in any sport. It can just be a larger factor in a sport like MMA than some others. For example, even one of the most heavily favoured fighters could slip at a bad time or land wrong and break something. A slip at the wrong moment can easily lead to a knockout or submission hold from most any opponent.

The good news is there is nothing you can do about luck and over the course of a long betting career, the luck will probably fall for and against you roughly an even amount of the time. So the reason it is mentioned here is not so you will worry about it but so you are aware that even in the best of circumstances sometimes things can go against you. All you can do is prepare and develop solid UFC betting strategies and follow your systems.

If you consistently place good bets you will win on a consistent basis no matter what the individual results end up being. A professional sports bettor understands that they need to have an edge on everything they wager on and if they do the long term will produce a profit. By focusing too much on a single result you can change things that are working and quickly ruin a winning system.

So how do you start tracking fighters? The first thing to do is create a file, usually just a simple folder, on your computer for each fighter you may place a bet on. Start compiling all of their statistics including how they did in each of their past fights, who they fought, how much they weighed and how much their opponent weighed, if they have moved up or down a weight class, how long the match lasted, where the match was held, injuries, training details and any personal information you can find. The news media often publishes details about MMA fighter's lives, so the Internet and newspaper industry are good places to start. For example, you can check fight results on the official MMA website.

One tip is to get your hands on the local papers where a fighter is from. Often local papers will publish stories that cannot be found on the Internet or in a national paper. You need to know if a fighter is facing legal or emotional or family issues and more importantly, you need to know how this can change the outcome of a match. Don't assume a fighter will do worse because he is having emotional or other issues. Some fighters can use things like this to do better, while others cannot.

In the larger associations like the UFC they do all they can to make sure the fights are above board, but if you are tempted to place a wager on smaller or local matches you need to be careful. Just like boxing, it is fairly easy for local or smaller venue matches to be fixed.

This information is included here not to scare you but to make sure you make informed decisions with your bankroll. Most professional bettors focus on the larger leagues and sports because there is more oversight and control. You don't want to be taken by a fixed fight.

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