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Here is a quick tutorial on how to bet on tennis. It starts with the list of best tennis gambling sites followed by a section with strategy. The strategy section will teach you few tips and tricks to help you on the way to being a winning tennis bettor.

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Tennis Betting Strategy

If your goal is to become a consistent winner while betting on tennis here are a few things you need to start doing immediately. If you aren't willing to do these things it is ok, but you need to realize that you will have almost no chance of consistently beating the bookmakers if you don't.

You need to track as many tennis players as you possibly can, creating a file of information for each. In this file you need to know where they live, their results from every match they have played including their opponent, the location, the weather, the playing surface and any details about their personal life that are available by date.

Every time you are betting on a sport where an individual has 100% control of the outcome, you need to be aware of as much about that person as possible. Though it may seem like an unnatural thing to do, you need to know if they are having personal problems or any types of issues that will cause them to play differently than normal.

The reason you need to know where they live is to see how far they have to travel to play in the current match. Of course, if you know they have travelled from somewhere else you need that information as well.

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You need to know how they play when they are close to home when the weather is hot or cold or rainy, how they play on grass and clay, how they do on the first day of a tournament as opposed to the second or third and if there are any health issues. You need to track every possible thing that you can think of that may change the outcome of a tennis match.

When you have a complete file on both opponents on the court, you stand a good chance to find the side of the online tennis betting odds with the best value.

For example, if player X has a better world ranking than player Y, they stand a good chance to be favoured in an upcoming match. But if your records tell you they are close in talent and player Y does better on grass than player X, you may have a good value bet to place a bet on player Y on the upcoming match on grass.

Of course, the bookmakers know some of these things as well, but they probably won’t know as much as you if you have built a player's profile and taken the time to outwork them. One way to do this is by tracking hundreds of players instead of just the top 20 or 50 players.

It is not that difficult to learn more about the top 100 ranked players.

There are two different ways to store your files. You can either keep actual copies of everything in file folders in a file cabinet or you can use a computer to do the same thing electronically. Either method will work, and most people in today’s world will probably opt for the electronic method, but you need to use whatever works best for you.

Either way, you need a folder with the tennis player’s name on it where you can quickly find all the accumulated details you have about them.

This data can be worth a great deal of money to you so it needs to be protected.

Common Tennis Bets

The most common bet involving tennis is a head to head match. There are more in-depth wagers available at some bookies, but the best way to get started is to learn the common ones first. Then you can proceed with the advanced ones and learn a few strategies that can help you get an edge against the online bookie.

The first tennis bet you need to learn about is a money line bet in a head to head match. A money line wager is simply betting on the tennis player that you think is going to win.

Each player will have a number with either + or – (plus or minus) sign in front of it.

A number with a plus sign means you have to bet 100 to win the number after the plus sign.

A minus sign means you have to bet the number after the minus sign to win 100.

Here are two examples to help you see how this works:

Player A +130
Player B -170

Player C -300
Player D +220

In the first match if you think player A will win you risk 100 to win 130. If player A wins you get back your 100 plus the 130. If you bet on player B, you risk 170 to win 100. Player B is favoured to win.

If you bet on player C in the second match, you must risk 300 to win 100. As you can see, player C is a larger favourite in the second match than player B is in the first match.

You don’t have to base your bets on 100, as most online sportsbooks will adjust the lines proportionately based on your bet amount. For example, if you wanted to bet on player A but only wanted to bet 50, you would wager 50 to win 65.

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